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The OMM award from 2008


The 2011 version of the OMM

The Ordo Moobius Muneris award (The People's Award) was first announced in March 2008. The award was designed for Pacificans to say thank you to those who put in hard work and dedication for the Order. The award was overseen by the Council Pacifica with anyone able to nominate any one else so long as they are not in the Council or Imperial Leadership. The Ordo Moobius Muneris was brought back in January 2011 for the first time in years and was overseen by DRCOOL, the Chief of Public Service. It also was historic in the fact that the award's first tie occurred with Avatar3619 and Rogal Dorn both winning after 3 days of voting by the Body Republic.

OMM Contests[]

OMM Award I[]

Contestants: Anarien, Logan, Dark Omen and Gankwanker

Winner: Dark Omen

OMM Award II[]

Contestants: Lord of Destruction, Kylliah, AyAy the Great and Kristospherein

Winner: Kylliah

OMM Award III[]

Contestants: King Brandon, Lord Valleo, Applesauce59 and Brehon

Winner: Applesauce59

OMM Award IV[]

Contestants: Teeters, Applesauce59, Lord of Destruction, Kylliah, DarkMistress and VektorZero

Winner: Teeters

OMM Award V[]

Contestants: Speer and King Brandon

Winner: King Brandon

OMM Award VI[]

Contestants: Data Missing

Winner: Data Missing

OMM Award VII[]

Contestants: Jgolla and Mask of Blue

Winner: Jgolla

OMM Award VIII[]

Contestants: navblue, Baldr, Sumguy, Yuri Markosov and Prodigy

Winner: navblue

OMM Award IX[]

Date Held: February 4, 2011

Contestants: Avatar3619, Rogal Dorn, Caius Alexandrian, Charles Stuart, Makalaure

Winners: Avatar3619 and Rogal Dorn