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Ordinary NordicsEdit

Article I: Preamble

Ordinary Men Fighting Giants has a rather successful record of slaying giants. It is because of this record that the Norse gods, the ÆSIR, have sought protection from the almighty Ordinary Men Fighting Giants. The ÆSIR have their very own jotun (giants) to deal with and until they stand strong enough to defend themselves against these giants and all others who might wish them harm they will be a protectorate of the Ordinary Men Fighting Giants.

Article II: Protection

If the ÆSIR find themselves in a unprovoked defensive war, OMFG agrees to offer its assistance to ensure the ÆSIR protection and well being from said attacks, as its resources allow. Should the ÆSIR dare to hunt jotun, the OMFG may offer their assistance at their discretion. In a case where the jotun or any other enemy moves offensively against OMFG, the ÆSIR are expected to assist in the war effort on behalf of OMFG if a formal request is made by OMFG to do so.

Article III: Sovereignty

It is understood by both alliances and all parties residing on either AA that the sovereignty of each signatory shall be respected at all times, and shall not be infringed upon. Should The ÆSIR find itself in a position to have offered or have been offered a treaty while under this protectorate agreement, that treaty will require the approval of OMFG.

Article IV: Intelligence and Aid

Should either party come into possession of information that would impact the other, positively or negatively, they are required to pass that information along to the other party. When one party is in need of assistance, the other party, upon request, will do their best to provide aid in whatever manner possible as long as the resources to do so are available to them.

Article IV: Cancellation

At any time either party may decide to cancel this agreement. That cancellation must be done through private diplomatic channels. The Agreement remains binding and in full effect for 72 hours from the time notification of intent to cancel is received and acknowledged.

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