Ordinance of Order

New Pacific Order
New Polar Order

Treaty Type: MADP
Treaty Signed: June 25, 2006
Treaty Terminated: July 4, 2008
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Ordinance of Order was an MADP signed between the New Pacific Order (NPO) and the New Polar Order (NpO) on June 25, 2006.[Source?] It was dissolved in an Imperial Decree by Emperor TrotskysRevenge of NPO on July 4, 2008.[1]

Ordinance of Order[edit | edit source]

A firm and binding pact between the nations of the Order.

Preamble[edit | edit source]

In recognition that all Orders are committed to the continued prosperity and development of their respective member nations, we, the assembled members of the signatory alliances resolve to enter into this pact between our collective bodies in the belief that said agreement will further the causes to which we cling.

Article I[edit | edit source]

This pact will be in effect immediately and unto perpetuity. If any signatory alliance takes part in coordinated military action against another signatory alliance, that alliance will be subject to immediate expulsion by vote of the remaining signatory parties and subject to full scale military retribution.

Article II[edit | edit source]

The pact will act as predetermined authorization from all parties to formally request assistance in any war against any unsigned alliance or nation. Each signatory alliance has the obligation to provide whatever military and financial assistance is available provided the war or conflict in question has been deemed just by the Emperors of the signatory alliances.

Article III[edit | edit source]

The signatory alliances recognize the need for selective protection in regards to the security and well being of member nations. To that end the signatory alliances agree to share intelligence that is determined to be detrimental in nature to the well being of either alliance. The sharing of said intelligence will be handled strictly via formal diplomatic channels.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

This pact is entered into Law for all signatory parties.

Signed for the New Pacific Order,

Emperor Ivan Moldavi I

Signed for the New Polar Order,

Emperor Mishka von Tyga I

Alliance Council of the New Polar Order:

Electron Sponge
Nuevo Mawkistan
Lord Sam
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