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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded.

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The Order of the New Moon, or ONM for short, was Founded March 16, 2009


Preamble All nations under this allaince shall be protected and helped by all others in the allaince. We look to strengthen our alliance through not just nation strength but with teamwork and success.

Joining ONM To Join a nation cannot have a history of being a terrorist, a ghost or be on any ZI lists. They can not be considered a rouge either. A nation can join ONM even if they are at war but the war must be with an nation that is not currently affiliated with any allainces and wasn't when it started. Nations can apply for membership by messaging the leader, Lunagron, the following information

Nation Link:

Nation Strength:

Former Alliances:

Where did you hear about ONM

Leaving ONM You may leave during times of war or peace but if a nation leaves during a time of war but they may not come back for the time of 1 month.

What is Expected of Our Members We expect everyone in this allaince to,

Be kind

Be Respectful

Be Willing


Ruling Senate

Emperor: Lunagron (Lifetime)

3 Ruling Advisors (Appointed)

Ruling Chancellor (Elected)

Military Coordinator (Appointed)

Vice Chancellor (Elected)


Chancellor of Defense (Elected)

Chancellor of External Affairs (Elected)

Chancellor of Foreign Affairs (Elected)

Chancellor of Intelligence (Appointed)

Chancellor of Internal Affairs (Appointed)

Chancellor of War (Elected)


Advisor of Admissions (Elected)

Advisor of Recruitment (Elected)

Advisor of Trades (Elected)

General Advisors (Appointed)

The final decision, in all matters, will be decided by the Emperor.

Replacements will be appointed, not elected, for anyone resigning form office.

ONM is an Aqua Allaince and its flag is shown here

ONM will go to war at the discretion of the Emperor

Tech raids can only be committed on an allaince of only one member or a nation Unaffiliated with an allaince.

Signed by, Lunagron, March 17, 2009



All amendments must have the approval of the emperoror to become ratified and the emperor has the right to make any amendments or disapprove any amendments.


Amendments may be suggested by the Ruling Senate at any time but still follow the rules of the first amendment made on this charter


In game spying is strictly prohibited without the consent of the emperor or the 3 ruling Advisors

Other info[]

Allaice dissolved as of march 21 2009, Reason: failue to obtain any members

signed by Lunagron former emperor of ONM

Allaince reinitiated as of march 30 2009, Reason: trying this thing out again.

Signed by Lunagron Emperor of ONM

Thier official Irc channel is on and is #onm

Allaice dissolved as of April 3, 2009

Signed by Lunagron The former Emeperor of ONM