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The Order of the Erne is an ancient and historical order of Sandtorv. It was revived by Sebastian on the one year anniversary of Sandtorv's international recognition as an empire.


Whilst it is known that the historic Order had statutes, these have been lost for a long time. As of now the revived Order has not been granted formal statues. It is however clear that the Order was given out entirely at the discretion of Sebastian, who serves as the Order's sovereign, and it is assumed that the rank of sovereign will follow male primogeniture.

The ORder is exclusively given out to foreign Heads of State. The current Order has two classes: Knights of the Erne and (Knight) Commander or the Erne. Female members are denominated as Lady of the Erne regardless of class. Commanders may use the honorific title of Excellency. Members of the Order are granted Sandtorvian Diplomatic Passports and have the right to obtain citizenship and refuge in Sandtorv.

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