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This article is on the Order of St Michael of the fictional nation Roleplaying game Cyber Nations and is no reflection on the opinions, views or ideals of Cyber Nations or any of the people/parties represented in this article, who are largely fictional. For the actual defenition and documentation of the Order of St Michael see the Wiki Article, to re-iterate, this is fictional, and based on the imaginations of RPers from across the globe.

The Order of St Michael Edit


Is a political sect of the CCC head by Pope Conrad I. It was also founded by said Pope.

Activities Edit

The exact functions and use of the Order are unknown, as is much of the information surrounding its mysterious leader Pope Conrad I. They are known to be involved in the running of the nation North Cadia but the extent of this power is unknown besides that fact that Conrad Kruschev leader of North Cadia and Pope Conrad I are seemingly the same person (this is an opinion and an observation, not a fact.) and share the same entry in Cyber Nations' wiki, this is however only because so little is known about the two and due to speculation.

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