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Order of Saint Michael
Order of Saint Michael - Collar
Collar of the Order of Saint Michael
Awarded by the
Flag of Vanivere Vaniveran Empire
Type Chivalric order with two degrees
Eligibility Descended from royal or noble blood;
Be of the Christian faith
Awarded for At the monarch's pleasure
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign Alexandre II
Established 1469
Next (higher) None (highest)
Next (lower) Order of the White Rose

The Order of Saint Michael is a chivalric order within the Vaniveran Empire. Founded in 1469 by Louis XI of France, the Order was established in competitive response to the Burgundian Order of the Golden Fleece. Originally awarded to determine the loyalty of the knights to the king, the Order of Saint Michael was eventually replaced by the newer Order of the Holy Spirit within the Kingdom of France. The Order was named in honor of the Archangel Michael.

However, with the establishment of the Grand Kingdom of Vanivere in 2391, King Léopold I of Vanivere reestablished the Order as a Vaniveran order of chivalry. But instead of awarding the Order to soldiers in the Grand Army, the King began to only award the Order of Saint Michael to those of royal or noble birth and those of the Christian faith. Those who received a place in the Order was permitted to use the Collar of the Order of Saint Michael in their personal arms, such as the House of Oléron-Vendôme.

Since its reestablishment, the Imperial Family of Vanivere has begun to become more lenient on the requirements on the Order of Saint Michael, awarding it to those of the Christian faith despite not being of noble blood. Several royal families within the Vaniveran Empire have been inducted into the Order of Saint Michael, and though the Order can be awarded to foreign houses, this has yet to occur.

Notable recipients[]


  • House of Oléron-Vendôme - as the imperial house of Vanivere, it was only customary for the Emperor of Vanivere to award his own family with the Order of Saint Michael