Order of Germania
Order of Germania | Order of Germania (civilian)
Military and Civilian Ribbons of the Order of Germania
Awarded by the
Emperor of Großgermania
Type Order
Motto Zum Wohl des Vaterlands
Awarded for Performance of remarkable accomplishments or distinguished services on behalf of Großgermania or which greatly benefit humankind.
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign Michael von Preußen
Grades Military Guardian (VGM)
Civilian Guardian (VGZ)
First induction 20 September 2009
Total inductees 3
The Order of Germania (German: Germaniaverdienstorden) is the only state decoration of Großgermania, legislated to be the highest such order should more be created. It is awarded by the Emperor of Großgermania, who serves as the Order's sovereign and is, by merit of his office, a Military Guardian of the Order (the designation is retained even if the Emperor abdicates or is impeached, though the Reichstag can repeal the designation in the latter case). The current Emperor and sovereign of the order is Michael von Preußen.

The Order was introduced following an Imperial Proclamation on 15 April 2009. The Reichstag subsequently confirmed the legislation. Günter Kehrer and Klaus Schönhausen, both instrumental in Großgermanian success in the July War, were inducted into the Order as Military Guardians of Germania, described below, in September 2009. August Schumacher was inducted posthumously on 4 October after his guard post was ambushed by a small group of Slovak rebels.

Alexandra von Nassau, who became a member of the Order by virtue of her office after having assumed the position of Empress on 21 May 2009, had her membership in the Order revoked by Emperor Michael von Preußen on 10 March 2010 as part of a conditional pardon of her sentence of Treason.

The Order is awarded in two grades of nominally equal rank, one for military achievements and one for civilian achievements. Those receiving a military appointment to the order assume the title Military Guardian of Germania (Militär Vormund der Germania, VGM), whilst civilian appointments are titled Civilian Guardian of Germania (Zivilen Vormund der Germania, VGZ). Near-identical ribbons are issued: the military version depicts an Iron Cross.

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