Date June 5, 2007 – June 6, 2007
Casus belli None at first, later FAN alleged Nazism in NoV
Result Unilateral ceasefire
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Federation of Armed Nations
Norden Verein


The FAN-NoV War refers the Federation of Armed Nations's brief war against the Norden Verein on the eve of June 6, 2007. FAN's code name for the war was Operation Overlord.

Abstract Edit

In the evening of June 5, 2007, at 9:26 pm, the Federation of Armed Nations made an ambiguous "declaration of war" in the Alliance Politics forum,[1] not mentioning any target or casus belli. It was met with confusion by most, as the community was unsure whether or not to take it seriously, until a thread was made about an hour later pointing out a massive wave of war declarations against NoV by FAN.[2] People continued to speculate about whether it was a joke or not, although as a considerable portion of NoV nations fell into anarchy, it became apparent that it was indeed real. This led to inquiries about the position of the rest of the Initiative, and whether or not NoV was still under protection of the NPO. A few minutes later, mpol777 made a thread with the text of George Patton's D-Day speech, although no actual casus belli was given.[3] In a short propaganda clip, FAN member Arcades057 cited alleged Nazism within NoV as a reason for war.[4]

At 12:32 am, Kaiser Martens responded with a lengthy speech, rallying members of NoV to fight, and calling for international support.[5]

Resolution and aftermath Edit

The NPO response came at 12:51 am, with TrotskysRevenge confirming the Norden Verein's protectorate status and stating that FAN was ceasing attacks at NPO's request.[6] Mpol777 confirmed the ceasefire in a separate announcement, claiming FAN was unaware of the NPO-NoV protectorate.[7] This made it apparent that FAN had not abided by the terms of the World Unity Treaty by failing to notify the other signatories of plans to attack NoV, and the incident was cited as a catalyst for FAN's subsequent expulsion from, and attack by, the Initiative.[8] (See FAN-WUT War.)

Due to the element of surprise, NoV did not have time to brace for an attack, and as such lost over an estimated 200,000 strength. FAN sustained negligible losses in the war.

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