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Operation Infinite Dickery
Date March 18—25, 2010
Casus belli Previous threats, general hostility from alliances friendly to FORA, free tech
Preceded by
Operation Clam Bake
Succeeded by
First Earth Battalion

Forite Order of Raids and Anarchy
18,000 NS 173,383 NS

Operation Infinite Dickery was a raid declared on First Earth Battalion by the Forite Order of Raids and Anarchy on March 18, 2010.

Casus Belli[]

The First Earth Battalion had been involved in Operation Clam Bake by threatening to attack FORA for raiding TBOC. A post on OWF seemed to indicate that FEB and TBOC considered themselves to be a single alliance under two AAs. Interestingly enough,, and Sajasabie, an old FORA foe, was even willing to preemptively raid them in concert with the Forite Order.

For all these reasons, but mainly for tech lust and boredom, the Forite Order initiated Operation Infinite Dickery on March 19.

Progress of the War[]

The leader of FEB, began complaining about the unfairness of the situation immediately, to Princeps' amusement. He then left his own AA to take refuge in Iunctus, but as the FORA government has good personal relations with one of their Triumvirs the situation is expected to be resolved handily in FORA's favor.

FEB lost 10,000 NS within the first two days of fighting, both from the relentless onslaught of the FORA attack and from several key desertions.

End of the War[]

The Forite Order gradually peaced out FEB as the original wars wound down. FEB even temporarily disbanded in order to avoid FORA's wrath. They came back together, but even now the war is remembered as the nadir of their fortunes.