LRCM Javelin build launched into Landothrowers territory.

Operation Hammerstrike was the Templurian attack on the GATO allied nation of Landothrowers during the Second Great War ordered by NPO. This operation would begin the Templurian War of Prominence, named so for it's prominence as one of Templuria's bloodiest wars ever fought.

Pre-War PlanningEdit

Templurian forces planned the attack several days in advance. The LCRM Javelin cruise missile had come into service not long before and was planned to be the first shots in the war. Extra tanks were produced right before the attacks.

The target selected to be attacked was a valueable port town that shipped the country's beef to its trading partners. With its trades limited, the country could be taken over easily.

The Initial StrikesEdit

Missile HitsEdit


The first 'Javelin' strike took out three infrastracture.


The second strike destroyed ten infrastracture in a nearby area.

Templuria issued a missile attack on Landothrowers early in the morning. The strikes weakened their tank force and drastically reduced their infrastracture.

The combined LCRM Javelin attacks attacks razed thirteen infrastracture and destroyed three tanks. It was proved to be the most effective missile in Templuria quickly.

Aerial BombingEdit


The first Templurian bombing run.

The two missile strikes were followed up by two bombing runs which crushed their defenses even further. Several more tanks were annihilated and infastracture reduced even more. This opened the way for ground attacks.

Taking of the PortEdit

The Invasion ForceEdit


Templurian soldier firing on an enemy position.

One Hundred and Fifty Two Soldiers and Thirty Five Tanks were deployed in the first battle.

The Planned Attack began as tanks flattened civilian buildings with enemy soldiers holding up inside. The Landothrow Soldiers were forced outside where they held off Templurian tanks for several minutes. One tank was destroyed but the Landothrow soldiers were forced to pull back.

They took shelter in the civilian buildings once again and their snipers picked off multiple Templurian soldiers as they advanced. Heavy resistance on a demolished highway prevented the tanks from advancing any further. As they sat, several tanks we destroyed by enemy forces.

With no other options, Templurian troops pushed ahead without the aid of the tanks. They managed to clear the highway and take most of the southern half of the city.

Resistance was more fierce than expected an Templurian forces had to plan a new strategy before taking the rest of the city. In total there were fourty one soldier casulties and seven tanks destroyed on the Templurian side.

The Second AttackEdit

NPOTank (edit)

A Landothrow tank defending the city

The Templurian Armored Corps regrouped its tanks and managed to push northward easily. An exceeding amount of enemy soldiers were gunned down, however the Landothrow tanks that had moved in during the intermission between the battles took their toll.

In the end, Templuria succeeded in taking the port-city and used it as it's military base of operations for the rest of its occupation in Landothrowers.

GATO RetaliationEdit

In response to Operation Hammerstrike, GATO sent three other nations to attack Templuria. This brought the Templurian War of Prominence to its true beginning.

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