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Operation Clam Bake
Date March 14—18, 2010
Casus belli Blue Oyster Cult raid on Forite nations
Result Forite victory
Preceded by
Forite-TURA War
Succeeded by
Operation Infinite Dickery
The Blue Oyster Cult

Forite Order of Raids and Anarchy
8,471 NS 173,383 NS

Operation Clam Bake was a raid declared on The Blue Oyster Cult by the Forite Order of Raids and Anarchy. The casus belli was a raid on the Forite nation of Eusebius and resulted in a Forite victory, after mass anarchy was inflicted on The Blue Oyster Cult.

Origins of the Conflict[]

FORA, having been raided twice already, was not in a forgiving mood when their member Eusebius was raided by roadkilla9 of the alliance Blue Oyster Cult. Therefore, the Forite Order decided to make an example of the entire Blue Oyster Cult, proclaiming not a war but a revenge raid on OWF.

The War's Progress[]

The Blue Oyster Cult was driven from 9200 NS to 8400 NS in the first day of fighting, and the subsequent FORA blitz at update has driven them down to 5600 NS, and caused the desertion of a TBOC member to the First Earth Battalion. brownto of the First Earth Battalion then interjected himself upon the raid, threatening destruction to a Forite that was attacking the deserted member. The First Earth Battalion was, in turn, warned against interfering further. Brownto, leader of FEB, bowed to the ultimatum, but was ultimately attacked by FORA anyway in Operation Infinite Dickery.

The Damsky-Tidy Bowl Duel[]

On the public relations front, the international community seemed largely supportive of FORA's efforts, with a few usual suspects showing up to troll the proceedings. One Mr. Damsky even challenged Tidy Bowl Man, FORA's Home Minister, to a duel. Princeps offered a medal to Damsky if he could anarchy his Home Minister in three days, and as Damsky had a 500 NS lead on Tidy, this seemed likely.

However, several days later Mr. Damsky had lost 400 infra, 40 tech, and $1.3 million to Tidy Bowl Man; all this while Operation Clam Bake raged in the background. The criticism of FORA on the Open World Forum mysteriously ceased after that unmitigated curbstomping.

Diplomatic Correspondence[]

The following messages were sent back and forth in the course of the raid:

To: Tidy Bowl Man From: roadkilla9 Date: 3/15/2010 12:39:13 PM

Subject: RE: Hello, Message: Why must you destroy me and my alliance. They did nothing wrong. I declared peace. Why Why Why. If you must take it all out on me. But not thme. That is just tyranny

To: x2wolf From: brownto Date: 3/15/2010 11:35:37 AM

Subject: Greetings Message: Hello,

You are attacking a First Earth Battalion. If you stop now we shall forgive you, if you continue you shall be asked to pay reps etc. If you do not it is you my friend who shall Fear the Reaper. The Blue Oyster Cult are an ace band.


Looks like you're threatening my members. We're partaking in a valid counter-raid against the AA "The Blue Oyster Cult" and your newest member, Scottish Communist, fled from there.

I don't care what my members do to him; we view him as a legitimate combatant even if he's tried fleeing the TBOC AA. If my member decides to be nice and peaces him out, so be it; but if my member decides to fight on, so be it. If you really want to do something about it, declare war: we can take your entire alliance without a second thought.

Long story short: don't interfere in our fights. Scottish Communist is not yours to protect... yet.

-Princeps, Tsar of FORA

To: x2wolf From: Sausagefrog Date: 3/15/2010 12:34:43 PM

Subject: The Falcon. Message: Hi, I'm tech dealing with The Falcon who you're attacking. Why are you attacking him?

You're putting my tech deal in jeopody, I'd like you to stop unless there is a valid reason.

Thanks SF

Victory and Aftermath[]

The Blue Oyster Cult was been left a broken shell of itself, and was largely peaced out except for the nation that started it all, roadkilla9. This was partly for mercy's sake, but partly so FORA could pivot and strike its next target, the First Earth Battalion, in Operation Infinite Dickery.