Operation: Seven
Date 8/30/2010
Location Philippine Republic, Jagville

Philippine military tech raids Jagville of Excelsior Socio

Result Philippine Republic victory, intervention of FnKa Prime Minister
Philippines Philippine Republic Custom72 Jagville
7,331.367 NS 6,054.259 NS

Operation: Seven is an example of a tech raid gone bad. It started on the update of August 30, 2010 when the Philippine Army raided the nation of Jagville. However during the day 2 Cruise Missiles were launched against the capital of the Philippines, Manila which killed at least 70 Civilians and injuring almost 400 people. There was also a failed airstrike which was repelled by the Philippine Air Force. As a result President Benigno Aquino III issued a state of official conflict against Jagville. Jagville suffered massive damage when B-52s from Clark Air Base, Pampanga and a PAF tactical fighter wing comprising of F-35A Lightning II retaliated with Cruise Missiles and 500 lbs. bombs dropped on Jagville's capital Georgia.

A ceasefire was issued on September 2, 2010 when Skap Q, Prime Minister of the FnKa, intervened in the conflict and asked that both nations cease there attacks.

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