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Part of TOP-C&G War
Ranger 75th 375
Cpl. Jake Burns calling back home to his family after battling with Brazilian militants. -US Army
Date 2/13/2010 - 2/18/2010
Location Brazil Nation
Result US Victory
United StatesUnited S of America BrazilBrazil Nation
Captain Barry Dunn (US Army, 75th Ranger Regiment) Tabosa
1 tank
60 aircraft
Unknown (Branded as Insurgents)

Operation: Wolverine is an operation involving a platoon of US Army Rangers and Brazilian militants. The US was able to defeat the remaining resistance and at February,18,2010. The Americans declared a tactical victory.

Current Situation[]

As of February, 17,2010 the US Army is still in control of the situation with no losses on each side. However gaining control of some key points in the Brazil Nation's capital Brasilia. A Stryker IAV is also being used to lend support to the platoon.

The US Army made a final assault on February,18,2010. US Aircraft bombed one of the building said to be harboring militants. The US Army sent a part of the squad, an encounter in sued between the Americans and Brazilian militants a one US Army specialist was killed in the combat.

After the battle the Americans where able to defeat the remaining resistance.