The Inspector General of
The Legion
Seal of the the Office
Term lengthFaces Open Elections every Three Months

Office of the Inspector GeneralEdit

The Office of the Inspector General is an elected Charter-defined office created to serve as a government oversight entity. The Inspector General has observer status in all government venues, but may not participate unless requested. The office provides the crucial function of consulate audits to ensure transparency and efficiency. The Inspector General has traditionally appointed several Deputy Inspector Generals to carry out the commission of the office. The Inspector General is also the "prosecutor" and plays a key role in the internal justice system of the legion.

The Inspector General acts as a gatekeeper in the Vote of No Confidence process in determining whether the removal of a government official is warranted or not. The Inspector General also performs regular audits of the Legion Ministries, reporting its findings directly to the membership. In the event of possible misconduct or abuse, the Proconsul is tasked with oversight of the Inspector General, acting as gatekeeper of Vote of No Confidence requests specifically against the Inspector General.

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