The Office Co. Building, located in Brickacas is the tallest building in Brickizuela, and includes large spacious offices, several deluxe suites, and also the headquarters of Brick Beer, the company that drives the Beer Industry.

It has 192 floors and covers a whole city block of 1 square mile. The top 2 floors are a viewing point for citizens of Brickacas and from there you can see over the whole city. another 70 floors house the offices and the bottom 20 floors house the suites. In the basement, many equesite examples of the beer produced by Brick Beer are stored along with many other things. In the deep basement, locked with triple manual lock, a combination lock, an electronic lock, and guarded by 6 soldiers is the reserves of Brickizuelan Gold and in another vault, only without the soldiers, is the cash of Brick Beer.

It is the most noticeable of the buildings in the Brickacas Commercial Server.


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