Of Men & Mountains

Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
New Pacific Order

Treaty Type: ODoAP
Treaty Signed: April 23, 2012
Treaty Status: Upgraded

The Of Men & Mountains was an ODoAP between the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization and the New Pacific Order. It was announced on April 23, 2012 and is an upgrade from their previous PIAT treaty, the Old Timers Accords. On August 12, 2012 it was upgraded to an MDoAP in The New Unity Covenant.

Of Men & Mountains Edit

A relationship forged of blood and steel in the flames of rivalry. A thread of fate shared by two titans as old as the foundations of the world itself. A commitment to putting down past grievances and finding new mutual complaints. To those who would contain us. You are not prepared.


The Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, herein known as - The Global Alliance - and the New Pacific Order, herein known as - The Pacific Order - affirm to the world that, as two independent and sovereign alliances, neither party bears responsibility for the actions of the other towards non-parties to this agreement. No member of either signatory may participate in, support, or condone military action against any member of the other alliance.


The Pacific Order and the Global Alliance agree to continued efforts towards mutual friendship and their common interests. They agree to share intelligence and support each other economically and communally.

Strength in UnityEdit

The Global Alliance and the Pacific Order hereby establish that an attack on one may be seen as an attack on the other. They may defend each other at their own volition.

Honour in JusticeEdit

The Pacific order and the Global Alliance may follow each other into aggressive war.

At the Breaking of the WorldEdit

Cancellation of this treaty requires a 48 hour notice followed by 96 hours of non-hostility.


Signed for the New Pacific OrderEdit

Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Sword of the Order

Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order

Farrin Xies,
Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs

Signed for the Global Alliance and Treaty OrganizationEdit

Laslo Kenez,
Assembly Chairman

Deputy Assembly Chairman

Deputy Assembly Chairman

Minister of Foreign Affairs

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