Ociania Bombing
Part of the Jihad War
Date March 14, 2011
Location Ociania, Deltoran Republic

Because of the Deltoran Republic's entrance to the war, two Pro-AIL forces bombed several buses and buildings within the capital.

Status Ended
DR flag Deltoran Republic Flag of AIL Anti-Infidel League of the Islamic Resistance
Turkey Order of the Red Crescent
DR flag Gregor Hammerlson
DR flag Brian Uknin
Flag of AIL Swalli ab-Liiya
2,500 soldiers
50 tanks
40 civil officers
340 soldiers
15 suicide bombers
Casualties and losses
123 killed
153 injured
0 missing
111 killed
21 injured
0 missing

The Ociania Bombing was eighth battle of the Jihad War of the United States of JBR. It was also the first battle of the war on Deltoran Republic soil. The battle began when an unloaded bus next to a marketplace in the capital city of Ociania exploded and instantly killed 54 civilians and workers around the radius of the explosion. The Deltoran Republic's military immediately responded by deploying 2,500 soldiers and 50 tanks led by Gregor Hammerlson, Deltoran Republic's main military official. 40 police officers also attended the scene.

On 2:12 PM, local time, a shoot-off between the Deltoran Republic forces and the terrorists caused panic among Deltoran civilians. Several paramedics rushed to save the injured and revive the dead. Within 3 minutes into the battle, several more buses exploded and caused the death toll to rise even higher. A local bank was destroyed and about $400,000 worth of Deltoran currency was destroyed within the subsequent fire. Hammerlson declared a lockdown around the scene and as much as 1,500 non-participant soldiers of the Deltoran Republic blockaded all possible routes to the important buildings and government facilities where the politicians were at. One AIL agent disguised as a fellow Deltoran soldiers detonated his bombing vest in front of a major road and caused many pedestrians and drivers to be injured or dead. By 2:45, the Deltoran Republic managed to wipe out most of the pro-AIL forces and several of the survivors fled to the outer city limits. For three hours, the lockdown was left effective before Hammerlson declared that the area was clear. Several false alarms aroused after the clear signal but were subdued by the military and police forces.

The United States of JBR government was outraged of the attacks in the Deltoran Republic and sent 8,000 soldiers to provide relief and protection to the capital. President Roger Johnson gave a televised speech regarding the attacks, claiming that an attack on Deltoran Soil cannot be ignored, and that the Deltoran Army prepares to deploy garrisons to all major cities to prevent further attacks, and another 1 million soldiers to JBR and 500,000 to Midway will be deployed to the front to prevent further civil losses in all countrys that are victims of terriosm.

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