Official Flag of Occitania
Ceremonial Flag of Occitania

Capital Tolosa (Toulouse)
Original Formation 2/21/2006
Second Formation 7/17/2007
Alliance Affiliation New Pacific Order
Nation Team Red
Official Languages Occitan, French
Government Monarchy
Head of State Zizi Booba
Religion Judaism
Currency Franc
Statistics as of 7/24/2007
Infrastructure 157.00
Technology 19.00
Literacy Rate 20.00%
Tax Rate 28%
Tot. Area 82.233 mile diameter
National Strength 1,146.505
Nation Rank #24,807 of 33,160 nations (69.9%0
Tot. Population 2,529
Gross Income 80 Thousand
Natl. Resources Coal Rubber
Conn. Resources Cattle Coal Gold Iron Marble Oil Pigs Rubber Sugar Water
Bonus Resources Steel

Occitania is a proud nation of the NPO, and was one of the older nations in the game.

Alliance DealingsEdit

Occitania as a member of the New Pacific Order has had an eventual history


Membership to the NPO was granted to Occitania on the 22th of March, 2006. In early June, Zizi Booba, the leader of Occitania, was forced to resign from his position as Overseer of Occitania. The country was temporarily shut down. On the 17th of July, 2007, Zizi Booba returned to his post as Overseer and Occitania was re-founded around Tolosa (Toulouse).

Battalion ContributionsEdit

The nation of Occitania has filled many positions in the NPO Battalions.
Official Flag of the NPO Spammer Battalion. Official Userbar of the CN Spam Battalion.

NPO Spammer BattalionEdit

Founded by nitro BSKT, the NPO Spammer Battalion is led by the leader of Occitania, Zizi Booba. Through Zizi's tireless efforts, the Battalion expanded to include every known alliance in CN, relocating to CN Spam Battalion HQ. The CN Spam Battalion suspends inter-alliance operations and operations on the off-site forums from October to May every year.


The country of Occitania had ambassadorial status from the NPO to TOP following the Great Patriotic War. It was then granted ambassadorial status to TTK. Occitania enjoyed being the ambassador to TF! until Occitania was temporarily disbanded in early June 2007.


The Nation of Occitania has been involved in many wars including:

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