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This alliance merged with the Black Defense Council, Element, and Legio x to form Dark Evolution.

Merger occurred on/around September 8, 2008

Note: Announcement

Flag of Obsidian

Flag of Obsidian
OBS Motto: Out of molten lava comes OBSIDIAN!
Team Color Black team.gif Black
Founder(s) Merger of United Black States (UBS) and Crescent Moon Republic (CMR)
Founded 01/28/08

Regal Staff

Other Officials

Duke (Minister)

  • Finance: Yogibere
  • Security: ClaytonG
  • War: Lord Arch Angel
  • Internal Affairs: Lokkeman
  • Foreign Affairs: crazyisraelie

Marquess (Deputy)

  • Recruitment: StealingPandas
  • Education: EmperorMark
  • Diplomatic Affairs: Charles De Lafayette
  • Communications: zblueblur0

link= alliance Statistics as of 2/15/08

Total Nations 68
Strength 650,027
Avg. Strength 9,559
Nukes 50
Score 2.90
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Announcement to the World[]

Success requires no apologizes, failure permits no alibis

Today (29 January 2008) the alliance of the United Black States and the Crescent Moon Republic come before to you celebrate a success of epic proportions. So very often alliances are created simply for power or glory and more often than not, those alliances fail. Well UBS and CMR were not those alliances, built on the values of loyalty, dedication to a cause, and persistence these two alliance quickly formed a bond. This bond was a natural one as both alliances shared one common factor, the protection of the New Polar Order. Under their guidance and protection, the two alliances began to develop a strong bond, a bond that would not be broken. It is in celebration of his bond that we come to you today, not as two alliances, but as one. The Crescent Moon Republic and the United Black States are officially merging to create the alliance Obsidian.

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