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oOoMidooOo was an ambitious determined hard working member of R&R.

He joined R&R On the 7th of January 2010, and yet since he joined he proved his hard working skills, by posting 100 posts in his first week, in his first week he came up with a lot of ideas such as renewing the Graphics department where he then got control of and made new interesting stuff in it and made new graphics department ribbons.

He then started working on tcrades spreadsheets with the guide of Juslen.

And then in his 2nd week he started to work a lot in trades stuff and got to know the CTI Treaty.

Then oOomidooOo attended CTI's meeting and he gave 2 ideas to improve CTI which then were accepted and were supported by the CTI officials .

On 25 January mido became R&R's Trade deputy appointed by juslen.

mido wanted to give more to R&R and prove himself in the family.

oOoMidooOo was described one of R&R best trades deputies and he has remained for around 2 months as Trades Deputy, before he had a court case filed against him for poaching, and resigned from the alliance.

oOoMidooOo Kept his success going on by managing to make him and his friend an alliance called The Prussian Empire which he is still currently at.

He is the Imperial Regent of tPE and is progressing very well.