Midday on November 15, Jakob announced the disbanding of the Coalition of Defensive States, and with that, the formation of the Order of Light Nations. It was shortly after this that former CDS leader Mogar exposed OLN as a possible white nationalist affiliation, under control by several prominent Stormfront and former Stand or Die members. This revelation was swiftly followed by a declaration of open war by many alliances as a "Nazi Hunt".


In Mogar's exposé thread, a number of Norden Verein members expressed regret that the nations of the cyberverse feel it is acceptable to war on Nazi nations. For example, NoV leader Kaiser Martens said "I thought CN had already gotten over the whole ZOMG NAZIS deal. Seems that evolution does take a few millenia (sic) after all. My mistake.", and Requital1974 said No matter how you try to sell injustice, its (sic) still injustice. That which is done now will condemn and haunt those guilty of it.

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