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This alliance merged to become part of Sparta.

Merger occurred on/around late September 2009
o7 Alliance

o7 Alliance official flag
o7 Alliance Motto: "For Glory and Honour""
Team Color Black team Black
  • Emperor: Ridgeracer84
  • Regents: F16d52plus
  • Regents: Zxyong
International relations


Flag of Sparta

Optional Defence Pacts Newflagcc3

AllianceStats Statistics as of 04/29/2009

Total Nations 19
Strength 1,016,102
Avg. Strength 53,479
Nukes 196
Score 3.60
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Introduction Edit

o7 is a small, peaceful and economically geared alliance. o7 strives to be a close knitted community whereby players could interact have fun and ultimately grow.

History Edit

The foundations of o7 started around July 2008,several of our members decided to come together and form the alliance after knowing each other through Cybernations for close to a year. However due to unforeseen circumstances,the plan to form faded away.However during September the group of us decided to come together again and attempt to form o7,things got off pretty quickly and we managed to secure a protectorate from Sparta. On December 22, 2008 the Pyramid Alliance merged into o7 and o7 changed their team color to Black to be closer to their protector. Recently this small alliance merged into Sparta, their protectorate.

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