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Nyandoma (Finn. Nändoma, Russ. Няндома) is a Uralican city located in Northwest Uralica, in which it is the second-largest city (after Onega) and third-largest settlement. It is fairly close to the county border with Woodlands. The name is taken from a Uralic language (most likely Veps) meaning "rich land," and the settlement was first mentioned in 1894, with its official founding coming four years later.

Nyandoma has had a history with the rail industry that continues to this day. Even through the Cataclysm and six global conflicts, it has been a constant producer of trains for domestic and foreign use in the Robertian era. However, a boom in iron production in Uralica om 2009 meant greater train output, which in turn led to more jobs being created in the train-making business.

On top of this, though, there are also two other major industries in the city. One hasn't quite been as constant, but the only glitch in Nyandoma's agriculture industry was the Cataclysm that began the Robertian Era in the first place. In particular, this agriculture industry specialises in poultry and poultry processing.

The other major industry is more recent. With Nyandoma's increasing size, UralTek and other hi-tech firms have established a foothold in the city. There is also a moderate-sized forest industry.


In spite of its name's Finno-Permic origins, Nyandoma didn't really have any Uralics in the population in the Robertian era or even before that. Now, however, about a third of the population is Finnish alone, with roughly 60% of the population being ethnic Russian. The balance is made up by Karelians and Livonians for the most part, with a very small population of Chuvash.

As cultural tourism goes, there is a historical museum in the city, largely devoted to the railway industry, plus a monument to heroes of World War II (also called the Great Patriotic War on the monument itself), and several beautiful churches.



  • FK Nyandoma


  • Gornyak Nyandoma

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Dinamo Nyandoma
  • Spartak Nyandoma
  • Lokomotiv Nyandoma
  • Zheleznik Nyandoma
  • NB Nyandoma
  • Lesnik Nyandoma
  • Bumazhnik Nyandoma
  • Torpedo Nyandoma
  • CSKA Nyandoma
  • Nändoman Palloseura
  • Zenit Nyandoma

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Zaruchevye
  • Yakovlyevskaya