This alliance has disbanded.
Nusantara Foreign legion
NFL Motto: To Be, Or Not To Be
Team Color Red team Red
Founder(s) Lord Caparo
Founded 23/01/2011

Lord Protector: Lord Caparo

Guardian: Blackorchid
Other Officials


  • Military Affairs: Neolord
  • Foreign Affairs: Fien
  • Internal Affairs: Leonardo Kapuff
  • Economic Affairs: Vacant

AllianceStats Statistics as of 23 January 2011

Total Nations 15
Strength 233,490
Avg. Strength 15,566
Nukes 114
Score 1.03
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I - PreambleEdit

This alliance was created to provide companion ship in our alliance and with any allies we meet along the way. We will honor treaty/bloc we have signed.

II. MembershipEdit

To Join our Alliance you will need to fill out our application form written below

  • Nation Name:
  • Nation Ruler:
  • Nation Link:
  • How long have you played the game:
  • What Colour Team is your Nation on:
  • Are You In Peace Mode:
  • Is your AA set to NFL Applicant:
  • Previous Alliances:
    • Name
    • Days
    • Reason for Leaving
  • Are you at currently at war:
  • Any foreign aid transactions you have been involved in over the past 10 days:
  • Where did you learn about the NFL?

Until you are accepted you will stay under the Alliance Affiliation of “NFL Applicant”.

III - RightsEdit

List of Rights

  1. The Right for Protection
  2. The Right for Foreign aid agreements
  3. The Right to speak out about changes and to disagree
  4. The Right to prosper
  5. The Right to a fair trial

In this trial the member will confide with a valued member who will act as the judge. The member who is the judge will get both sides of the story and send his/her findings to 3 people, preferably Government’, who will vote on this matter.

IV - GovernmentEdit

Lord Protector
  • The overall leader of the alliance
  • He/she will serve for life or until resignation
  • Second in charge of the alliance
  • Appointed by the chosen Lord Protector
  • Can only be replaced if the Lord Protector resigns

There will always be 6 Prophets in this alliance, 5 official and one unofficial. official ones are, Prophets of Internal Affairs, Public Relations, Foreign affairs Financial affairs and Defence, we also have a minister of Technology, which is for Graphics and forum work.

V. WarEdit

  1. Tech Raiding is always allowed.
  2. ANY NATION ghosting NFL will be asked to join, after 3 days they will attacked until they leave the AA.
  3. First strike nuclear attacks are allowed

VI. RoguesEdit

Any member who chooses to attack an alliance on an aa, will be protected from any alliance but the one they attack until they get peace.

Any Rogue who attacks NFL and NFL only will be protected by NFL til we are finished with them.


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