The Revolutionary Republic Of Nucowso
Flag of Nucowso
Power And Strengh
Capital Fidel Castro City
Largest City Hamilton
Official Languages English, Maori
  • President
James D. Morrison
 • Total
Coming Soon
 • Civilians
 • Military

692 Working Citizens lov
447 Soldiers (31 Aug 06)
National Animal Kiwi.
Literacy Rate: Unkown
Currency Pound


Country name: conventional long form: The Revolutionary Republic Of Nucowso

conventional short form: Nucowso

abbreviation: NUC

Government type: Revolutionary Government

Capital: Fidel Castro City

Administrative divisions: 1 Capital Territory & 7 Divisons

1. Lake Taupo (Lake East Of Nucowso)

2. Mt Egmont Natinal Park Mountain On Pannisula

3. Mt Ruapehu Natinal Park (Mountain South Of Nucowso)

4. North Taranaki Bright (Bay North Of Pannisula)

5. South Taranaki Bright (Bay South Of Pannisula)

6.Timor Plains (Plains North Of Nucowso)

7. Nova Lake (Small Lake North East And Close to the border)

Independence: 4 Feberary 2006 (From New Zealand)

National holiday: Independence Day, 4 Feberary (2006)

Constitution: 1 Feberary 2006, came in power on Feberary 6 2006

Legal system: based on civil law system

Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal

Executive branch: Head Of State: President James D. Morrison

head of government: John Tucker

cabinet: United Revolutionary Government

elections: Every 2 Years

Legislative branch: The Revolutionary Congress

Judicial branch: Chief Of Judges: Timor Mito

Political parties and leaders: Communist Party Of Nucowso (Kurt James)

Democratic Movement Party (Jim Kaman)

Green Party Of Nucowso (Mark Jahames)

Millitary Party Of Nucowso (Gen. James D. Morrison) (Rulling Party)

Political pressure groups and leaders:

United Movement Of Freedom (Naton Eitam)

International organization participation:

United Nations

Flag description: Red Lines Top And Bottom of the flag and red star in the middle and white background


Military branches:

Revalutionary Armed Forces of Nucowso (RAFN) has 4 branchs:

The Revolutionary Army Of Nucowso (RAN)

The Revolutionary Air force Of Nucowso (RAFN)

The Revolutionary Navy Of Nucowso (RNN)

The Revolutionary Border Gaurd Force Of Nucowso (DBGFN)

Military service age and obligation: 17 years of age (2006)

Manpower available for military service:

males age 18-49: 2490

females age 18-49: 2250 (2006 est.)

Manpower fit for military service:

males age 18-49: 2200

females age 18-49: 2100 (2006 est.)

Manpower reaching military service age annually:

males age 18-49: 6,300

females age 18-49: 6,300 (2006 est.)

Military expenditures - dollar figure: $3,965.20 Daily (May 2006)

Military expenditures - percent of GDP: 3% (May 2006)

Navy Ships

NRS (Nucowso Revolutionary Ship)

NRS Gallipoli

NRS Grand Global

NRS Achelles

NRS Hercales

NRS Elizabeth

NRS Ajax

NRS Abel Tasmen

NRS Taupo

NRS Wanganui


The Nucowso Independence War (Jan 17, 2006-Feb 4, 2006)

The Nucowso-Honslovakia War (Aug 14, 2006-Aug 16, 2006) (After Honslovakia attacked Nucowso for no reason Nucowso is attacking them for revenge)

The War Against The Rouges (Aug 14, 2006 – Present (After Honslovakia attacked Nucowso the President announced to attack any Rouge that will attack Nucowso or other CDS Members)

The 2nd Nucowso-Honslovakia War (Aug 31, 2006-Sept 5, 2006)