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A nuclear explosion.

Nuclear weapons have made their way into Cyber Nations.


Nations require a tech level of 300 or greater and an infrastructure level of 3,000 or greater in order to begin purchasing nuclear weapons. A nation must have uranium as a resource for production. A nation must also be ranked in the top 5% of all nations, or have the Manhattan Project (a national wonder). A player can only purchase 1 nuclear weapon per day, or 2 if they own a Weapons Research Complex.


Nuclear weapons are expensive at $500,000 and with each active nuclear weapon in your possession the price of nukes increases by 10%. In addition to the initial cost, nuclear weapons also have a starting cost of $5,000 a day to maintain, which also increases by 10% per nuke. Nuclear weapons also lower your environment by 0.10 each (0.05 with lead).

Purchasing Tips[]

  • Nuclear weapons require you to be in the top 5% of nations or own a Manhattan Project and require an active uranium trade.
  • By the time a nation reaches the top 5%, they are usually making at least ten million dollars daily, after bills. In that light, the cost of a single nuke is considered minuscule, and the upkeep cost is frankly, peanuts. Nations in the top 5% who are without nuclear weapons are just begging not to be in the top 5% anymore.


Nuclear weapons are extremely devastating to nations being attacked by them. Nuclear weapons completely reduce the number of defending soldiers for a nation to zero (unless they own a Fallout Shelter System, in which case it's 50%), cause great amounts of land and infrastructure losses (35% each up to a maximum of 150 land and 150 infrastructure), and also cause population happiness to plummet for a period of 5 days after a nuclear attack. In addition, each use of a nuclear weapon will increase the world's global radiation level for 30 days. For these reasons, in the past, nuclear weapons served mostly as a war deterrent. Some wars were fought under the agreement that no nukes would be fired, and alliances would debate endlessly on their nuclear "first-strike" policies. In the modern day of Cybernations however, with so many nations owning Manhattan Projects, nuclear weapons have become a standard war tool, and nation rulers needn't think twice before pressing "the big red button".

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