Date March 26 - April 7, 2016
Casus belli Alleged efforts by SNX Emperor Immortan Junka to undermine Polar to third parties
Result NpO Victory
Preceded by
Sengoku-SPATR War
Succeeded by
Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

NpO Flag Modified
New Polar Order

Flag of SNX
Supernova X

The NpO-SNX War began when the New Polar Order attacked the Supernova X due to SNX Emperor Immortan Junka allegedly undermining Polar on IRC, the OWF and to third parties. SNX was at the time previously engaged with Monsters, Inc. and Limitless Nexus in the War on Brown Terrorism. SNX conceded military defeat on April 7, 2016.

Speculated raison d'etre for warEdit

There was much speculation on the OWF that the actual CB for Polaris attacking SNX was not, in fact, alleged insults by Immortan Junka against NpO, but an effort to draw SNX ally Doom Kingdom, and by extension the rest of the Doomsphere, into conflict with the Oculus bloc (as was referenced by Schattenmann in a post on the OWF). (Unfortunately for SNX, they had served the same purpose in the Doom War when the Doomsphere attacked them in an effort to draw NpO into a war.)

There had been rumors of an attack on Kashmir for the same purpose, leaked by Master Holton, resulting in his leaving the game.

As it turned out, SNX either did not request the assistance of their allies (as stated by SNX) or their Doom allies failed to intervene on their behalf (as suggested by others). In any case, the war never expanded beyond the initial combatants.

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