November Third Offensive
Part of the Supernova X Raids
Date November 03 - November 06, 2015
Casus belli Crimes committed by Masterchief777 during the July Revolution
Result Supernova X Victory, Galactic Guard disbands
Preceded by
TIR-Kashmir War
Succeeded by
SNX-aNiMaLz War

Flag of SNX
Supernova X Doom Kingdom Flag
Doom Kingdom Doom Squad
Doom Squad

GC Flag Galactic Guard


Immortan Junka


The November Third Offensive was a brief war that occurred between Supernova X and Galactic Guard. The war began with a blitzkrieg on 0001 Nov 03 2015, with Galactic Guard aka AFRO being disbanded on the Fifth of November.


AFRO leader Masterchief777, during his time in SNX, sought to create a provisional SNX government so as to deny the SNX membership the opportunity to vote on their leadership and direction. He stated his desire and intention to disband SNX should Immortan Junka win the leadership contest. This was in opposition to the wishes of the SNX membership, as demonstrated by the July Referendum and Never Capitulate vote. He refused to share the complete logs of his conversations with an unknown foreign actor, which compromised the security of SNX He distributed false orders, and in doing so committed High Treason He formed the renegade SNX Restoration Movement, and in collaboration with our enemies of the time, spammed the SNX membership with messages with the intent of pressuring and extorting them into leaving SNX.

During the period between the cancellation of our treaty with Polar and the start of Shark Week, Masterchief777, leader of one of the competing factions within SNX, sought to take control of the alliance, setting out his stall and recruiting members into a provisional government so as to consolidate power. From there a hostile attitude towards differing views, an unwillingness to let the SNX membership decide for themselves who should lead, and a potential security leak to an unknown foreign nation led to increased opposition to his leadership attempt and his eventual expulsion from the alliance.

Upon leaving, he formed the SNX Restoration Movement, and during Shark Week sought to destroy SNX by working with our enemies of the time to message members, seeking to pressure them into joining his alliance. This alliance later became the Galactic Guard, and is now the Allied Forces of the Revolutionary Order.

Additionally, certain former members of SNX, now members of AFRO, defaulted on tech deals with Polar. Their actions caused Polar to cancel their treaty with us, which in turn led to Shark Week.

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