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Age of the Blackbird
Official Flag of Noumenonopolis

National Flag
Capital City Kantstantinople
Established 4/28/2008
(5,920 days old)
Alliance Regnum Invictorum
Regnum Invictorum
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Nation Team Team: Red Red

Inception to CN[]

The nation Noumenonopolis was established on April 28, 2008.


After creating his nation, Sir Glen immediately joined Invicta, after being recruited by his best friend Timitz. He became Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs before eventually leaving Invicta with Timitz to form Meritokrati.


Sir Glen and Timitz founded Meritokrati with the intention to create an alliance based entirely on "new" concepts in CN, partially borrowed from other games, and partially based on their own political philosophy. Though they had only 28 members at their peak, they were very well known and respected in Purple, and had received embassy requests from sanctioned alliances completely unsolicited. Unfortunately, with real life interfering, activity began to become a problem. However, during this time, Jorost had become President of Invicta, and with his Presidency, Invicta seemed to be changing for the better.

Coming Home to Invicta[]

On March 31, 2009 Sir Glen, along with the majority of Meritokrati, came home to Invicta, after seeing the new and improved Invicta that Jorost had helped to create. Entering Invicta again, Sir Glen became Chief of Staff and Webmaster. Due to a growing workload, he recently resigned as Chief of Staff but still holds his position of Webmaster, which he greatly enjoys.

I'm a total geek, and love techy things.

Sir Glen's most memorable moment in Invicta was being asked to be Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs by Jorost. He had some concerns at first..

Would I be able to do it? Was it too much too soon? Why me?

..but it ended up being a great experience that lead him to where he is today.

Wars Fought for Invicta[]

Sir Glen fought both in the BLEU/Continuum War and the Karma War. In the BLEU/Continuum war he lead a fireteam where they remained unified and organized in the war and were able to anarchy all of their assigned targets. In the Karma War he served both as a Battalion Commander over five fireteams, as well as a fireteam leader and a War Council leader, and of course, he did some fighting of his own.

I got almost no sleep though, it was pretty crazy.

New Pacific Order[]

On November 9, 2009, Sir Glen applied to the New Pacific order, again following his friend Timitz. He served as a recruiter.

Awards Won[]

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InvictaWarrior · InvictaJusticar · InvictaEntrepenuer · Donationmedal · InvictaEndurance
InvictaSurvivalist1 · InvictWoC · InvictaIchDien · KarmaNuke · InvictaGovt
Invicta6months · InvictaConsular · InvictaDistinguishedService · Nuclearsacrifice