Cyber Nations Wiki
Motto: "Heja Northrend!"
Alliance Affiliation: Ragnarok
Official Name: Kingdom fo Northrend
Capitol City: Icecrown Citadel
Head of State: The Lich King
Government Type: Authoritarian Oligarchy
Ruling Party: Northrend Nationalist Party (Nationalist)
Ethnicity: 38.2% ethnic Scandanavian, 22.5% ethnic Norwegian, 19.8% ethnic Finn, 10.5% ethnic Russian, 4.4% ethnic Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian, 3.6% German, 1% misc. european.
Official Languages: Swedish, German.
Languages: Russian, Finnish, Norewegian, German, Swedish
National Religion: Norse Paganism
National Anthem: Ja Northrend
National Animal: Eagle
Economy: A Centrally Planned Economy; socially minded command economic state with a reasonably prospering small private sector. Regulations include environmental restrictions, profit-sharing, and architectural public works projects.
Trading Sphere: Aqua
Currency: Northrend Mark
National Resources: Water, Marble

The Kingdom of Northrend is a small, developing realm that is inhabited by citizens primarily of Scandinavian ethnicity whose religion is the classic Norse Paganism. Its citizens pay extremely high taxes to the state, in order to support the large Nationalist government, under the control of the Northern Nationalist Party, that keeps the populace in line with a large military and police force.

It is hard to decipher where the ominpresent government stops and the rest of society begins, but in their regular lives, citizens remain relatively unoppressed, with a bill of reasonable rights. A strong sense of patriotism and nationalism exists in Northrend and all of it's territories, now encompassing a large island north of Sweden and Norway. The State juggles the competing demands of Law and Order, Education, Healthcare, and Defense. Citizens tend to view multicultural, consumerist, and communist states as immoral and corrupt.

Northrend's army is generally filled up by conscript soldiers, with poor weaponry but massive numbers. Crime is totally unknown thanks to a well-equipped state police force and progressive social policies in nationalist education and healthcare. The national animal is the Eagle, and Odin's raven flies freely throughout the beautiful skies of this unpolluted nation.