The Northern Dimension Pact is a MDP between Nordreich and Finnish Cooperation Organization. Pact was signed when FCO was still Peliplaneetta Alliance.

Northern Dimension PactEdit

Northern Dimension Pact

Preamble This document is a proposal of mutual defense between the Peliplaneetta and Nordreich to be approved by both parties.

Section 1 In the signing of this pact, it must be clear that both organizations will remain sovereign and independent. Both alliances and their members will always endeavor to be respectful towards members in of the other signatory alliance, treating with them as friends do.

Section 2 All parties shall, hitherto, be bound by this act to defend one another in the event that a member nation of either party is attacked by an outside power. Either side failing to do this is subject to consequences at any time, to be decided by the opposing side. If a signatory refuses to assist the other party in the event of a defensive war, this document can be immediately nullified. In the event of an aggressive war by either side, it is at the digression of the other party as to whether they participate or not.

Section 3 Either side may remove themselves peaceful from this according, giving the other side a 48 hour notification, the treaty will revert back down to a Non Aggression Pact, unless stated otherwise by either signatory. Neither party may issue a removal while a transgression is taking place.

Enacting Clause This pact shall be enacted by the proper authorities of each alliance.

Signed on behalf of Peliplaneetta:

Vice Chancellor of Peliplaneetta Alliance

Graceful Emperor of Peliplaneetta Alliance
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Iosif Moldov

Signed on behalf of the Nordreich:

The Imperial Alþingi
Riksbeskytter Magnus Nordir
Volksführer Striderwannabe
Volksführer Sigmund Ceowulf
Volksführer Emperor ß
Volksführer Frans Van Afrikaaner

Reichskaiser Martens

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