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North Ithilien
The Royal Flag of North Ithilien

The Royal Flag of North Ithilien
The Royal Seal of Prince Faramir, 1st Prince of Ithilien of North Ithilien

The Royal Seal of Prince Faramir, 1st Prince of Ithilien
National Anthem
God save the Prince!
Capital City Emyn Arnen
Official Language(s) Westron, Hobbitish, Sindarin
Demonym Ithilien
Established 5/19/2009
(5,539 days old)
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Ruler Monarch - Prince Elboron IX

Prime Minister - Earl of Emyn Arnen

Alliance Green Old Party
Green Old Party
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Since 05/21/2009 (5,537 days)
Nation Team Team: Green (since 5/20/2009) Green
Statistics as of 9/5/2010
Total population 109,142
 61,642 civilians
 47,500 soldiers
Literacy Rate 100%%
Religion Christianity Christianity
Total casualties 350
 0 attacking
 350 defending
Casualty Rank 15,239 of 5,242 (290.71%)
Currency Pound Pound
Infrastructure 5999.99
Technology 3,600.06
Nation Strength 52,199.505
Nation Rank 3,142 of 5,242 (59.94%)
Efficiency 110.13
Total Area 2,882.684 Nation Map
Native Resources Water Wheat
Connected Resources Aluminum Cattle Fish Gems Iron Lumber Marble Pigs Spices Sugar
Bonus Resources Beer Fastfood Construction

The Principality of North Ithilien (commonly known as North Ithilien) is a sovereign state located in south-west Middle-earth. It shares a land border with South Ithilien to the south, Mordor to the East, and the Reunited Kingdom to the north and west. North Ithilien is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy, with the crown and the seat of government residing in the capital city of Emyn Arnen.

Brief History[]

Ithilien has a rich ancient history, which is not recorded in full here. The first Prince of Ithilien was Faramir, a title bestowed upon him by Aragorn Elessar of Gondor. For a time Ithilien existed as an autonomous region within the Reunited Kingdom, however it was eventually granted full independence and became a Sovereign State.

The Principality of North Ithilien came into existence after the Ithilien Civil War. The Principality of Ithilien was an ancient nation and the Civil War came as a shock not only internally but also to the world. The people of the North and South had lived in harmony for thousands of years; however, following the industrialisation of Ithilien, tensions rose. Those in the south favoured a republic, whilst those in the north favoured retaining the constitutional monarchy. Pro-republican and pro-monarchy groups sprung up; eventually things turned violent. War broke out and Ithilien was never the same again; thousands of people died, infrastructure was destroyed and the economy collapsed.

Following negotiations, the Treaty of Minas Tirith was signed - ending the war. Under the terms of the Treaty, the Northern territory of Ithilien was split from the south. Thus it was that the Principality of North Ithilien and the Republic of South Ithilien were established. Indeed the South Ithilien Republic has since gone onto establishing itself as a Socialist State as the People's Republic of South Ithilien, and continues to create tensions with North Ithilien.

The constitution was ratified by the provisional Parliament of North Ithilien, and the ruling Prince called the first elections. The Earl of Emyn Arnen was elected the first Prime minster of North Ithilien, and he has ruled the nation ever since.


North Ithilien is a Constitutional Monarchy and its current Head of State is Prince Elboron IX. The Prince and the royal family are descendant of the first Prince of Ithilien, Prince Faramir I. Over the centuries the power of the Monarchy has waned as democracy developed and the power of Parliament increased; all practical power of government resides in Parliament, from which governments are formed.

The Parliament of the Principality of North Ithilien is the supreme legislative body of North Ithilien. The Parliament is unicameral and at it's head is the Sovereign, Prince Elboron IX. The single chamber, the House of Commons, is democratically elected using the first-past-the-post system in 350 constituencies. Whoever can command the will of the House of Commons (i.e. has a majority in the House) is asked by the Sovereign Prince, to form a government in his name.

Executive power in North Ithilien rests with the Cabinet of North Ithilien. All members of the cabinet are appointed by the Prime Minister and are always members of the House of Commons; many are former ministers of the last government of Ithilien and some are veterans from the Civil War. In the new Principality of North Ithilien, the Sovereign Prince has bestowed a Peerage upon all those within the Cabinet; this is a new tradition within the new Principality.

Current Cabinet[]

Party key Constitutional Monarchist Party
Liberal Party
Portfolio Minister
Prime Minister of North Ithilien
First Lord of the Treasury
The Rt Hon The Lord Emyn Arnen MP
First Secretary of State
Lord President of the Council
The Rt Hon The Lord Amon Hen MP
Ministry of the Exchequer
Chancellor of the Exchequer The Rt Hon The Lord Emyn Muil MP
Minister of State for Trade
President of the Board of Trade
The Rt Hon The Lord Nindalf MP
Minister of State for Welfare The Rt Hon The Lord Verenaer MP
Ministry of Foreign Affiars
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs The Rt Hon The Lord Osgiliath MP
Ministry of Domestic Affiars
Secretary of State for Domestic Affairs The Rt Hon The Lord Minas Ithil MP
Minister of State for Transport The Rt Hon The Lord Sarn Gebir MP
Minister of State for Health The Rt Hon The Lord Tirith Nindor MP
Minister of State for Education The Rt Hon The Lord Amon Lhaw MP
Minister of State for Justice The Rt Hon The Lord Cirith Ungol MP
Ministry of Defence
Secretary of State for Defence The Rt Hon The Lord Tirith Nindor MP

Election History[]

Following the Civil War and the signing of the constitution by the provisional Parliament, the first Parliamentary elections were held. The results were as follows:

  • Constitutional Monarchist Party - 294
  • Liberal Party - 49
  • Ithilien Unionist Party - 14
  • Republican Party - 7

The Constitutional Monarchist Party won with a landslide victory, led by the Earl of Emyn Arnen who formed a government and who became Prime Minister. Although Parliaments last 5 years before expiration, the Earl of Emyn Arnen called an early election on 6th May 2010, where the Constitutional Monarchist Party increased their majority in Parliament. Following the election, the newly elected Lord Tirith Nindor (Liberal Party) was asked to become Minister of State for Health due to his expertise in this field and because of his friendship with many Constitutional Monarchist cabinet members. The results of the election were as follows:

  • Constitutional Monarchist Party - 301 (76.8% of the popular vote)
  • Liberal Party - 40 (15.02%)
  • Ithilien Unionist Party - 0 (3.04%)
  • Socialist Workers Party - 1 (0.14%)
  • Republican Party - 0 (2.76%)
  • Others - 0 (2.24%)


The North Ithilien government has a large defence budget for a nation its size, boasting an extensive and well-equipped armed forces. The government has made no secret of its military capability and has always revealed military expenditure plans in advanced, indeed it even revealed plans for nuclear armament.


The North Ithilien army is 52,000 strong and has soldier efficiency level of 116,251.

Royal Navy[]


The seal of the Royal Navy

North Ithilien has a full blue-water navy and is one of the oldest navies still in existence is Middle-earth. It's fleet is the most expensive to maintain out of all military expenditure, and many within North Ithilien have criticised the Prime Ministers decision to invest in such a fleet. Nonetheless the Prime Minster claims that a full Navy is more powerful and more effective in times of war than some may think.

Vessel Capacity
Corvette 7
Landing Ship 7
Battleship 7
Cruiser 6
Frigate 6
Destroyer 6
Submarine 6
Aircraft Carrier 6

Royal Air Force[]

The Royal Air Force operates 85 aircraft, 60 of which are based on-shore within North Ithilien bases and 25 of which are based at-sea distributed amongst the fleet of Aircraft Carriers.

Earl of Emyn Arnen[]

The title of Lord of Emyn Arnen is one with great historical importance; when Prince Faramir was granted the throne of Prince of Ithilien, he was also granted the title of Lord of Emyn Arnen. Whilst the throne was hereditary, the title of Lord of Emyn Arnen was not. During the Ithilien Civil War, Prince Elboron granted the Military Commander of the pro-Monarchical forces the title, making him the 2nd Earl of Emyn Arnen.

Upon his election as Prime Minister, he decided that North Ithilien should join the Green Old Party. He was actively involved in the internal affairs of the alliance for some time; graduating from the Academy, helping with recruiting, being an ambassador for the GOP and joining his alliance friends over in UJA TE as a junior gov member. His first government position in the Green Old Party was as Director of Battles, appointed by the then Triumvir of Military Affairs and GOP Rooman33; he served this post for some time and directed many wars and battles. When Rooman33 retired from the position of ToMA, the Earl of Emyn Arnen was nominated to become the new ToMA. He then went on to win the election becoming the GOP's 2nd Triumvir of Military Affairs, a position that he holds to this day.