North American Union
Flag of USA
Founded: May 14th, 2014
Established as colony: June 11th, 2014
Leader: Sonyoaks
Capital city: Washington DC
Alliances: Cafori
Official Language(s): English

North American Union is a Celtic colony in the eastern part of North America. It was founded by Chrisp2123 as an independent nation but following the Celtic invasion by Sonyoaks in June 2014, it became part of the new Celtic Empire.


Before the Celtic Invasion, the NAU was a small booming nation that was at risk of becoming stale.


June 4th 2014, Celtic forces from the Republic of Celtic invaded NAU, destroying much of the American army, the invasion period is expected to last a week with the chances in the Celtic favour. When the invasion is over, it is expected that period of occupation will begin until resistance has been destroyed.

Invasion reportEdit

By the 2nd day of the invasion, the NAU Republican Army had suffered a total of 777 Casualties all of which been defending, 103.42 infrastructure destroyed, lost a total of 45.302 land to the Celtic Forces while losing the total strength of 378.21. On the Celtic side 841 soldiers and 91 tanks were lost. On June 11th 2014, Sonyoaks proclaimed the region as a colony for the Celtic Republic.

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