Nordreich Reichsministry of the Interior
Agency overview
Formed October 13 2006
Jurisdiction Protocol and Legislation
Minister responsible EightiesMercedes
Key document First Nordreich Charter

The position of Minister of the Interior was most notably held by Wartides14 during the 2006 incarnation of Nordreich. It is the responsibility of the Minister of the Interior to draft and update new and existing protocol as well as to update and streamline the inner workings of the alliance. Since the departure of Wartides, the post of Minister of the Interior has been held by Gottrich Northeim (January 2010 – May 2011, January 2012 - April 2013) , ArodJohns (June 2011 - January 2012), Latexi (April 2013 - January 11th, 2015), Wolfgang von Sterreich, Kristjan Laidoner, and Johann Kriegersson. It is currently held by EightiesMercedes.

The position of Minister of the Interior was also notably held by Vinzent Zeppelin during the Norden Verein Period.

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