Nordreich Reichsministry of Culture and Propaganda
Agency overview
Formed May 6 2006
Jurisdiction Nordland Media
Minister responsible Trebs, Minister of Culture and Propaganda
Key document First Nordreich Charter

The Nordreich ministry of culture and propaganda is the controlling agency for all media produced for or by Nordreich. The Ministry of Culture was first implemented in 2006 by Humanophage in the form of Nordreich's University of White Art. In later incarnations the post was held by Nazaroosky (Norden Verein), Ahumocles ( Nordreich 2009) and Sigurd Odinnson ( Nordreich 2009). Odinsson was also the first to take on Nordreich's Radio broadcast Radio Frei Nordland- a live broadcasted adaptation of Radio Nordland which was broadcast by Vinzent Zeppelin during the Norden Verein era. In February of 2011, Phoenix Ascendant, a long time member of Nordreich took the position of Minister of Culture and Propaganda and continues to run the ministry today.

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