Reichs Nachrichtendienst
Observation Corps
Licht von der Schwarzung
Agency overview
Formed 8 October 2009
Jurisdiction Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Employees classified
Key document (etc.)

The Abwehr Project was begun on September 18th 2009 in an effort to evolve the Nordreich Ministry of Security. The Abwehr project is named for the German intelligence service (1921-1944) and named to reflect its purpose- "defense". The motto of Nordreich's Abwehr Project is "Licht von der Schwarzung" or Light from the Darkness.

The Abwehr is the acting intelligence service of Nordreich and part of the Reichsregierung (Nordreich Imperial Cabinet). The Abwehr was officially established as a governmental body of Nordreich on the 8th of October 2009 with the passing of The Nordreich Intelligence Act- an act through which Nordreich claims the ability to compile and store pertaining to a Citizens accomplishments during their residence in Nordreich. The stated purposes of the Abwehr are to act as a counter-measure to infiltration and espionage attempts while doubling as an internal intelligence and secret-police force to uncover plots and conspiracies against the people of Nordreich.

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