The Nordreich Code of Chivalry is a written document that was drafted into Nordreich's official code of conduct on October 10th 2009. The Code of Conduct was written to correspond with the four driving points of Nordreich

  • To protect the existence and principles of all Nordlandic players and alliances within Cyber Nations.
  • To defend victims of unjust in-game attacks of an out-of-character nature.
  • To unite the Nordlandic alliances, cultures and creeds of Cyber Nations under one banner of protection, unity and excellence.
  • To maintain an enduring brotherhood, by fostering a spirit of camaraderie, loyalty, and unity among members and supporters.

Text of DocumentEdit

Nordreich Chivalric Code

1. Mercy

It is in the nature of Nordreich to be forgiving, compassionate and above all merciful. For this reason, no member of Nordreich will allow pleas for help to go unanswered. It is the responsibility of all citizens of the great Nordreich to pass on requests for help or leniency to the appropriate Nordreich government officials so as to decide upon and discuss a resolution to the problems presented.

2. Courage and valour

Nordreich is an alliance of warriors and it is the expected that each member reflect such through there actions. Those citizens of the Nordlands are known for their fearlessness and military prowess wherever they may be. It is also the responsibility of every Nordreich nation to have remain civil with your opponent, even when in a state of war. It is in poor form for any member of Nordreich to insult, harrass or demean any military opponent regardless of the situation.

3. Fairness

It is the responsibility of all members of Nordreich to act in better interests of a greater justice. For this reason no member state of Nordreich will be permitted to enter into any war waged for the furthering of personal interests alone. Nordreich are supporters of a fair fight and will never advocate the act of entering into an existing war or conflict without provocation or treaty obligation.

4. Protection of the weak and poor

Nordreich is bound by chivalric code to protect those nations of digiterra who find themselves under attack and incapable of basic self defence for reasons which are of an OOC nature.

5. Servanthood of the Nordlander to his Kaiser and the people of Nordreich It is the duty of every citizen of Nordreich to uphold the values of the Nordreich community, to protect and support his Kaiser and to defend not only his homeland, but those of his brothers and sisters within the Reich.

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