This alliance has disbanded as of May 2, 2007. More information is available here.
(Note: See Also: Norden Verein, Nordreich (2nd))
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NoR Motto: Germanic Unity Under One Reich
Team Color Maroon team Maroon
Founder(s) Prussian Federation, Volksleitung
Founded October 12–13, 2006
Leader(s) Reichskaiser: Kaiser Martens
Other Officials

Riksbeskytter: Magnus Nordir
Volksführers: Sigmund Ceowulf, ArchonGuardian, John C Calhoun, Emperor ß, Striderwannabe
Reichsgraf: Wartides14
Reichsleitung: Leviathan XIII, Volksreich, Reich Zealand, Der Fuhrer
Minister of Internal Security: Sigmund Ceowulf
Minister of Kultur: Humanophage
Minister of Recruitment: Kaiser Permanente
Minster of the Interior: Wartides14
Ministers of Foreign Affairs: ArchonGuardian, Emperor ß
Reichsmarschall: Wartides14, Leviathan XIII
Generalfeldmarschall: Reich Zealand
Feldmarschall Arminius: takemikazuchi
Feldmarschall Großdeutschland: Wartides14
Feldmarschall Uberlegen: Der Fuhrer
Feldmarschall Mjolinir: Einswald
Feldmarschall Landwehr: Thor

Feldmarschall Æsir: Reich Zealand
Maroon Senate Striderwannabe for Maroon Senate
International relations The Initiative


October 12, 2006 - May 2, 2007

AllianceStats Statistics as of April 28, 2007

Total Nations 368
Strength 1,966,396
Avg. Strength 5,343
Nukes 133
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Nordreich (NoR) was a Germanic imperialist alliance dedicated to nationalism, which was formed on October 13, 2006 and disbanded on May 2, 2007. Their numbers exceeded 400 nations in February, 2007.[1] It officially reformed on May 6, 2009[2] (See Nordreich (2nd)).


Main article: History of Nordreich

Nordreich was formed on October 13, 2006, as a merger between the Prussian Federation and the Volksleitung, which was announced on October 15. Upon formation, Nordreich had 100 members. Involving itself in numerous ideological wars, including the October Massacre and the Maroon War, Nordreich also fought alongside hegemonic alliances in Great War II and Great War III. After gaining numerous members following the Norway Incident, Nordreich was set to be sanctioned on 26 May 2007. However, internal strife led to the alliance's disbandment on 2 May. Allies of Kaiser Martens soon reformed themselves as the Grossdeutsches Reich, which became the Norden Verein. On 7 May 2009, Nordreich reformed, with numerous former members joining its ranks.

Image and ideology Edit

Nordreich's image was largely modeled after Imperial Germany, and the alliance earned the distinction of being the first major Eurocentric and Germanic alliance in Cyber Nations. The alliance's official symbols were the Odal rune (symbolizing "ancient heritage … unity and strength") and the Prussian eagle ("the de facto national bird of Germania … symboliz[ing] power, unity, and majesty").[3] Its official principles, as stated in its charter, were "Pan-European cultural preservation and manifestation, centered around German Nationalism as it’s central tenant." The Nordreich Charter's Declaration of Direction (Article I) reads:

… The Reich stands in firm opposition to the corrupting influences and shortcomings of worldwide capitalism and international communism, finding both, in their extreme forms, as incompatible with the preservation and manifestation of Europe. Essentially based on Germanic culture, values and languages, the Greater Northern Reich is neither politically left-wing nor right-wing, welcoming ideas straddling the political spectrum, welcoming members from all walks of life, so long as they do not embody or further a threat to the Volk. We are accordingly opposed to globalization … as it destroys unique cultures. The Reich (being a Pan-European organization) therefore officially promotes and encourages European (Proper German and Scandinavian in particular) folklore and culture and a revival of the values … of these worthy contributors to civilization. United by blood, we strive to stand up to globalist forces and protect our unique culture.[3]

Nordreich also earned notoriety for its controversial politics. Opponents frequently drew parallels between its authoritarian, militaristic image and that of Nazi Germany. In addition, several of its members publicly role-played racialist and ethno-nationalist policies within their nations, announcing the practice of eugenics and racial separatism.[4][5] One of the most extreme and outspoken proponents of racialism was Aethan, although it was later revealed that he was an anti-fascist agent provocateur.[6] Kaiser Martens, however, prohibited out-of-character expressions of racialism by Nordreich members.[7]

Patriotic banners Edit

The following are examples of Nordreich propaganda posters, taken from the official gallery at the now-defunct

Wars Edit

Name Combatants Outcome
October Massacre (Fall Grün) NoR vs. SoL NoR Victory
Maroon War (Fall Barbarossa) Maroon Allied Forces vs. Communist Allied Forces Maroon Victory
Great War II (Fall Schwarz) The Initiative vs. The League Initiative Victory
St. Patrick's Day War (Fall Rot) NoR, Syn, GDA, FCO vs. LSF, BE, SWF, EC NoR Victory
Great War III (Fall Ragnarök) United Imperial Order vs. Aegis UIO Victory

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