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Nordland in a geographic context

Nordland is made up of the cumulative alliances which were created as a result of, or who merged into Nordreich to form the Greater Nordland Community. The memberships of which are commonly reffered to as Nordlanders.

The term is generally applied to the Alliance of Axis Nations, the Prussian Federation, Nordreich, the Norden Verein, the Sons of Muspel, the League of the Right, and Volksleitung.

The term was also applied by Norden Verein, who claimed in the Nordland Doctrine to have complete ownership over the name and history of Nordreich. Norden Verein applied a geographic aspect to the term, claiming the territory of the former German Empire, Denmark, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria as Nordland's territorial claims.

Nordland (edit)
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