This alliance has disbanded.
Nonchalant Bipolar Aggressors

NBA Official Flag
NBA Motto: I declare war upon myself!
Team Color Blue team Blue
Founder(s) Windowlicker
Founded March 21/2009
Leader(s) Primire Personality: Spankthefrank
  • Personality of External Communications: Cuban The Great One
International relations

Mutual Defense Pacts:

  • FCO
    since April 14, 2009

AllianceStats Statistics as of 4/22/2009

Total Nations 19
Strength 64,498
Avg. Strength 3,395
Nukes 0
Score 0.43
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One day I had an argument with myself and got beat up. The next day, I kicked that guy's ass. The next day I decided I shouldn't be allowed outside without a helmet. After that, I quit the crack and the alliance was born.

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Available here: NBA Charter

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