Nom De Jour War
Part of the End Times
Date August 3 - August 20, 2018
Casus belli PPO attacked
Result Ceasefire
Preceded by
Cowboys-GPA/FAN War
Succeeded by
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blast
Linked and Sub-Conflicts
Caustic's Balls of IRON
Nom Du Jour Flag
Cowboys/Boogie Nights/DGeneration X/et. al.
Flag of PPO PPO

Flag of Kashmir Kashmir Mandarin's Banner COBRA Flag of Argent Argent Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance STA Flag of the Christian Coalition of Countries CCC SRA Flag War SRA FTW War FTW

The war began on August 3rd after the Cowboys had gotten bored of fighting FAN and declared on PPO, Knights of The Round Table, Christian Coalition of Countries and Siberian Tiger Alliance. Argent elected to defend PPO and Freehold of the Wolves cited a paperless treaty to enter the war. Cowboys rebranded to D-Generation X as an homage to the famed wrestling stable and proceded to valiantly fight until a peace agreement was proposed by C-Rex of Gulo Gulo. Ever merciful, DX agreed to the proposal.

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