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Nolissar of Ripoaria

Flag of Ripoaria

Kanzler of Ripoaria
25 August 2008 -
President of the OSA
13 February 2009 - 15 January 2010
Member of SNAFU
6 February 2009 - 13 February 2009
Sec. of MHAutomation (MHA)
1-February - 6 February 2009
Triumvir of the MHA
26 January - 1 February 2009
Minister of Towels (MHA)
8 January - 1 February 2009
Deputy Minister of Towels (MHA)
10 December 2008 - 8 January 2009
Sec. of MHAid & Technology (MHA)
7 November - 10 December 2008
Sec. Of Donations (MHA)
3 October - 7 November 2008
Hitchhiker (MHA)
27 August 2008 - 6 February 2009

General Information[]

The Ruler of the Rhenish nation of Ripoaria, former MHA Minister and Triumvir, and currently the first President of the Open Source Alliance. Nolissar is particularly noted for his creative treaties and alliance charters as well as his enthusiasm for high alliance wide aid slot utalisation. More recently has has become known as the producer of NoliCasts, short audio files which have gained considerable popularity among the memberships of OSA and her allies.

Treaties Authored: An Umbrellievably MHAwesome Concordat , A Comedy of System Errors and Checkmate.

Treaties Edited/Substantially Revised: The Härmlin Accords and The Pan Galactic Souvlaki Accords

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