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Nobama is possibly the finest fine person to ever grace the New Sith Order. World renowned for writing some stuff and doing some stuff, Nobama has a knack of taking Anthony's Major Problems and turning them into Minor Problems that Anthony can cope with. Everybody knows Nobama caused the Karma War, and then laughed at Karma for the pussy-footing around when it came time to seal the deal.

Nobama is the only thing perpetuating Cybernations into the future.


Nobama was once a guy named Anchova. We don't like to talk too much about that, and neither does Valhalla.

Military Career[]

Back when Nobama was that other guy who died in a large green fire, he was a military man. Anchova lead the great crusade against Legion back when he was blinded by the incredible charm of Chefjoe. Anchova was also a leader in Vanguard for quite some time, and in fact was the Minister of Defense for the entirety of his stay there. Literally, like the second day he was there he got the job.

Revanche still finds Nobama sexually attractive, which is great because he hated Anchova's guts.

Return to Cybernations[]

Nobama reentered the stratosphere around 2:30 in the afternoon on April 5th, 2009. There was a small group of fanny-pack wearing tourists who took pictures of this semi-natural occurance, and greeted the sexy piece of meat once he crawled out of the wreckage.