Ninjas-Goons War
Part of the Roguefest 2010
Date Sept. 28—Oct. 18, 2010
Result Ninjas surrender
Preceded by
Second ERA-CCCP War
Succeeded by
The Ninjas
GOONS Ride To War

The Ninjas-Goons War was a war between GOONS and the Ninjas which started on September 28, 2010 when the Ninjas attacked GOONS. Following the start of the conflict, nations from Mushroom Kingdom (7 nations), Poison Clan (2 nations), Umbrella (1 nation), Alpha Omega (3 nations), and iFOK (3 nations) joined the side of the GOONS in the initial wave following the chain of MDoAPs.

On September 29, 2010, FnKa, a brown sphere alliance, also declared war on GOONS stating they planned on doing so before The Ninjas did.

On October 19, the Ninjas accepted peace terms and protection from OMFG during the rebuilding process.


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