Soviet Union Vice President
Nikolai Yegorovich Makarov

2nd Vice President of the Soviet Union Kingdom
In office
March 20, 2011 – Present
Preceded by (Rank Created)

General of the Army
In office
June 5, 2008 – March 20, 2011

Born October 7, 1949
Glebovo, Ryazan Oblast
Nationality Soviet Russian
Political party Soviet Democratic Party
Residence Soviet White House
Profession Leader . Military
Religion Christianity
Signature 128px

Born in village of Glebovo, Ryazan Oblast on 7 October 1949. In 1971 completed Moscow Higher Combined-Arms Command School (with gold medal). Commanded a platoon, company, and battalion in Group of Soviet Forces in Germany.

After completion of Frunze Military Academy (with gold medal) in 1979, served in Transbaykal Military District [MD] (ZabVO) in positions of chief of staff/deputy regimental commander, regimental commander, chief of staff/deputy division commander, motorized rifle division commander.

In 1993 completed RF Armed Forces General Staff Military Academy (with gold medal). Held positions of chief of staff of Joint Group of Russian Forces in Tajikistan, chief of staff/first deputy commander of separate army, commander of army in Volga MD. From January 1998 commander of Ground and Shore Troops/deputy commander of Baltic Fleet for Ground and Shore Troops.

From September 1999 chief of staff/first deputy commander Moscow MD.

On 25 December 2002 appointed commander Siberian MD (SibVO).

From April 2007 chief of armaments of RF Armed Forces/deputy RF defense minister.

By RF Presidential Edict of 3 June 2008 appointed chief of RF Armed Forces General Staff/first deputy RF defense minister. Honored Military Specialist of the Russian Federation.

March 2011 He Made Vice President of the Soviet Union Kingdom

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