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Nif Hanstrah

1st Vice President of the Deltoran Republic
In office
July 2010 – January 2011
Preceded by none
Succeeded by Laura Nifestri

Born 15 March 1955
Kansas City,DR
Nationality Deltoran
Political party People's
Royal House The Vice President's Mansion
Spouse Carrie Hanstrah
Children Barno Hanstrah
Residence St.Louis, DR
Profession CEO
Religion Catholic

Nif Hanstrah(b.1955) was the first vice President of the Deltoran Republic. He served from July 2010 to January 2011. He helped write the current constutution of the republic. He was partners in the 2010 election, but after Carrelson's tyranny, he refused to run again in 2011 and was preceeded by Laura Nifestri.

Early life Edit

The Early Life of Nif Hanstrah was filled with dreams of a political life. He was nearly arrested for trying to vote in the 1964 Elections when he was age nine. He attended High School in the National High School of Ociania, and was the basketball star, he recived a sports scholorship and attended the University of Missouri, where he played basketball.

After collage he recived requests ro play from severel Professinal Sports Teams, but Hanstrah kept to his dream with politics. With a degree in law, he became one of the best lawers in American History.

Political LifeEdit

After the Constutution was drafted, Hanstrah ran for and won the 2010 elections. Carrelson then started the Tyranny Period and attacked numerous smaller nations. Hanstrah protested, but Carrelson refused to stop, until he was impeached in early January.

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