Nicholas II

1st Emperor of The Russian Empire
Assumed office
April 14, 2009
Political party Imperialparty flag IPR
Religion Orthodox cross East Orthodox Christian

Nicholas II is founder and current emperor of The Russian Empire. Wanting a better Russia for all and to undo the mistakes of Past Rulers went on a quest in which to unify the Country and create a stable regime. Making Kandalaksha his new home after leaving Moscow the population greatly increased as followers joined him making Kandalaksha one of the most industrialized. As a major Anti-Marxist Figure he sought justice for all the ill treatment done by the Bolsheviks and for deposing and murdering Tsar Mikhailovich VI.

In 24 Short years after going out trying to unite Russia, the Bolsheviks fled into exile in The Peoples Republic or China after mass revolts and desertion by the Soviet Armed Forces. The Creation of The Russian Empire was done so on April 14, 2009 bringing in a new age in which the people have enjoyed much growth, the Crowning of Nicholas II as Emperor of Russia after proof showing his ancestry to Tsar Mikhailovich VI was the shining achievement after all his work. 6 Months later being Emperor has led to the expansion of the Empires borders along with creation of The Imperial Army employing more than 196,000 Troops.

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