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Nicandro Beauchesne
of Carnicora
In office
A.D. 628 – A.D. 658
Vice President(s)   (628-648) Tujan Campuzano, (648-658) Courvoisier Carrasquillo
Preceded by Jacquez Carrizales
Succeeded by Gervasio Beauchesne

Born January 5, 600
Died April 7, 675
Nationality Carnicoran
Spouse Itzel Beauchesne
Children Gervasio Beauchesne, Marjun Barousse
Residence Carnicora

Nicandro Beauchesne was president of Carnicora from A.D. 628 to A.D. 658


Nicandro Beauchesne defeated his cousin, Lorenzo Delahoussaye in every presidential election from 628 to 653. In 658, Nicandro lost to his son Gervasio Beauchesne by 450 votes.

Major (relatively) Events[]

Resparinsonta Avalanche (637)[]

On December 16, 637, at 7:21 A.M., the suburb of Resparinsonta was struck by an avalanche. The avalanche buried 25 houses, 8 of which were occupied at the time. 13 people died, including the aspiring politician Jair Delagardelle. Nicandro Beauchesne immediately ordered everyone to dig for survivors. Within 5 hours all 25 houses were dug out, and 27 people were saved.

Campuzano Scandal[]

In 648, it was discovered that Vice-President Tujan Campuzano was cheating on his wife. Nicandro Beauchesne ordered an investigation into the affair. Two days later, it was confirmed that Campuzano had cheated on his wife. Beauchesne promptly fired Tujan Campuzano and chose Courvoisier Carrasquillo as his next vice president.



Nicandro Beauchesne had two children: Gervasio Beauchesne and Marjun Barousse. Gervasio Beauchesne went on to become the next president of Carnicora.


Nicandro had two grandchildren: Isidro Barousse and Xeres Barousse. Isidro Barousse was elected in the special election after Gervasio Beauchesne's death.

Further Generations[]

For more information on Nicandro Beauchesne's descendants, see File:Nicandro Beauchesne Family Tree.pdf.