New mai luv it asploded Accords

New Pacific Order
Regnum Invictorum
Flag of Invicta

Treaty Type: ODAP
Treaty Signed: 31 August 2011
Treaty Terminated: April 14, 2012
Treaty Status: Defunct

The New mai luv it asploded Accords was an Optional Defense and Aggression Pact signed by the New Pacific Order and Regnum Invictorum on 31 August 2011. It is a downgrade of Mai luv it asploded. It was cancelled by NPO Emperor Brehon on April 14, 2012. It was believed the treaty was cancelled after continued tension between NPO and Invicta governments as well as an Invicta-CSN PIAT signed days prior on April 10, 2012,[1]

Treaty textEdit

The alliances of Regnum Invictorum and the New Pacific Order, hereinafter referred to as the signatories, will maintain a respectful stance towards each other. Attacks on either signatory's members by the other are prohibited.

I. The signatories are encouraged to engage in financial transactions to their mutual benefit, both in the realm of foreign aid and resource trading.

II. The signatories reserve the right to assist each other in any wars that they may be involved in, and are encouraged to do so.

III. In the event that one signatory decides to cancel this treaty, notice is required. For 72 hours after notice is given, all articles are in effect.

Signed for the New Pacific Order,

  • Brehon,
    • Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order
    • Sword of the Order
  • Farrin Xies,
    • Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs
    • Purveyor of an FA Direction

Signed for Regnum Invictorum,

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